Located in East Nashville’s McFerrin Park, june is a new culinary experience from Chef Sean Brock.

With just 37 seats, June is intimately designed to be an experimental journey to explore the freshest and most luxurious ingredients in new and creative ways. Guests will enjoy an extended tasting menu that builds upon itself one bite after another.

Driven by curiosity, June’s culinary team utilizes a state-of-the-art Research & Development Lab to experiment with and study flavor extraction and concentration to ensure that each dish at June tells a story layered in both history and innovation.

“My goal for June is to always push what is possible with Southern food and hospitality. What is the purpose of a tasting menu? From my perspective, it is an opportunity to share the best products and techniques available.”

Sean Brock

We hope you join us on this adventure.

How can I make a reservation?

June reservations can be made via Resy and are released on the first of the month for the following month. For example, on September 1, we will open reservations for October.

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Is this a tasting menu?


How many courses are served?

Rather than traditional courses, your meal is served in what we refer to as “acts.” We offer an 8-course menu and a 16-course menu.  

Does the menu change?

We update our menu eight times a year, twice each season. We do have a sample menu available online, but items are subject to change.

Can the menu be made vegan or vegetarian?

Due to the nature of the menu we will not be able to accommodate vegetarian or vegan restrictions.

Can you accommodate any other allergies/restrictions?

Yes, with at least a 48-hour notice, we can accommodate most other restrictions.

Do you offer a wine/drink pairings & is there a corkage fee?

Yes, we offer wine pairings as well as an NA beverage pairing.

Our corkage policy is $50 per 750ml bottle for the first two bottles, above that it is $100 per 750ml bottle.

Can I come as a single diner?

Yes, we offer seating for single diners at our chef’s counter. Please select “counter” via Resy for availability. The counter is available for parties of 1-3 people.

Can I come by for a drink before?

Yes, our bar has 10 seats and is first come first served.  

Where are you located?

June is located at 809 Meridian Street upstairs from our sister restaurant, Audrey.